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The waves seemed to open and swallow her whole
As the doll pulled her down through the eerie green deep
And the sound of the laughing old man filled her ears
As she drifted away to a tranquil
And motionless sleep



Mungo Jerry

Quanta paura da piccolo avevo di questa copertina! Io giocavo a guardare le copertine dei 45 giri, ma arrivato a Mungo Jerry la saltavo sempre in favore di più rassicuranti “In ginocchio da te” o “Lisa dagli occhi blu”, di Mario Tessuto…

Mi facevano paura quei diti. La canzone, invece, mi piaceva un casino!


Amici, ecco le foto fatte al bellissimo concerto di giovedì!

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I hired a coach to take me from confusion to the plane
And though we shared a common space I know I’ll never meet again
The driver with his eyebrows furrowed in the rear-view mirror
I read his name and it was plainly written Nathan La Franeer

I asked him would he hurry
But we crawled the canyons slowly
Thru the buyers and the sellers
Thru the burglar bells and the wishing wells

With gangs and girly shows
The ghostly garden grows

The cars and buses bustled thru the bedlam of the day
I looked thru window-glass at streets and Nathan grumbled at the grey
I saw an aging cripple selling Superman balloons
The city grated thru chrome-plate
The clock struck slowly half-past-noon

Thru the tunnel tiled and turning
Into daylight once again I am escaping
Once again goodbye
To symphonies and dirty trees

With parks and plastic clothes
The ghostly garden grows

He asked me for a dollar more
He cursed me to my face
He hated everyone who paid to ride
And share his common space

I picked my bags up from the curb
And stumbled to the door
Another man reached out his hand
Another hand reached out for more

And I filled it full of silver
And I left the fingers counting
And the sky goes on forever
Without meter maids and peace parades

You feed it all your woes
The ghostly garden grows

Joni Mitchell

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Carissimo Giò, fantastico video! Ma cosa è TSI!? E che strano vederli alla TV! Pensa che bello se Demetrio ci fosse ancora e gli area potessero suonare felici per introdurre la nostra beniamina Simona Ventura!

Caro Giò, quando torni? Ci sarai per la laurea di Rick?!

Ciao e grazie!

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Sviluppo della coscienza attraverso il corpo
Dobbiamo svuotare le gabbie, non renderle più grandi!

LAV Pordenone
LAV, Sede territoriale di Pordenone